Ohoopee's 2nd
Ohoopee's 2nd
Ohoopee's 2nd

Ohoopee's 2nd

"Strokes on strokes"

1 of 1 original painting by Joshua Davis, depicting the magic + beauty that is Ohoopee.

12x16" size
Oil on canvas
Custom built natural wood floating frame

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About the Painting:  

Ohoopee's 2nd was painted by our homie Joshua Davis, a Raleigh-based art teacher who is almost as addicted to creating as he is teeing it.

"I had the privilege of making a painting of Ohoopee for tour pro Zac Blair. That was my first knowledge of a place that I would become obsessed with without ever playing it. Like the avant-garde in the art world, this place is questioning and challenging what a golf course should be. It encourages fun with friends and discourages score keeping. That’s a philosophy that this hack can get behind. Outside of its ideals, it’s just remarkably beautiful. I spent hours on google earth looking at the shapes, colors and textures they created as they designed risk/reward options for each hole. After dozens of screen shots I began working with a composition that was divided by two organic diagonals. I took the sub par image from google earth as an opportunity to play with color. An earthy olive green complimented by a toned down pink felt right, while a deep blue black of water intensified the color play. Continuing a theme of juxtaposition, hazards were played up with thick paints applied with knives set against thinned and smooth layers of grass and sand. It’s visual match play: risk/reward."



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