Going Out // Coming Home
Going Out // Coming Home

Going Out // Coming Home

"Strokes on strokes"

1 of 1 original painting by Joshua Davis, depicting the magic + beauty that is Pinehurst No. 2.

12x16" size
Oil on panel
Custom built natural wood floating frame

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About the Painting:  

Going Out // Coming Home was painted by our homie Joshua Davis, a Raleigh-based art teacher who is almost as addicted to creating as he is teeing it.

"There was a ton of anticipation for what was one of the better and harder courses I’ve ever played. My game wasn't exactly fine tuned -- I was decidedly nervous, especially with the idea of a few new playing partners and caddies to boot. After a striped tee ball, followed by a dart to 10 ft, I walked off the first with an easy two putt par. The feeling was great and short lived. By the time I made it to 17 tee, #2 had shown her teeth. My brain and emotions were taken through the gauntlet by this Donald’s Ross gem. It’s rough, heavy, and tactile, but there is something still really pleasing about the mess of green and earth tones. It’s a labyrinth that you enter knowing you won’t win. Still, you cannot resist the challenge and the beauty that devilishly taunts you with a benign entryway that is the first hole. No one on the patio cheers the tee shot on one, and no one applauded my 4th putt on 18 from off the green that would have helped me break 100. Don’t be fooled, I’d play that beast from the tips again tomorrow. Number 2 is beautiful."



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