“Block Print”

Limited Signed Edition - Block Print Linocut

12x16" - Run of 50

"Broke" was designed by our homie Joshua Davis, a local high school art teacher.  The image is created by carving linoleum in a reduction style -- no mulligans!

About the Print: 

Told by Josh:  "I keep my eyes on the ground around tee boxes. Unless I’m pulling driver, I can usually find a broken tee to recycle. I read somewhere that Tiger puts a tee under every 1st shot, so I do too. All you need is a nub for those short irons...

As my dad said every round growing up, 'That boy loves a broke tee.'" 

Print Specs: 

12” x 16” reduction block print carved from a single linoleum block printed on #80 khaki drawing paper with water-soluble block printing ink.






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