Finding the Right Shelf
Finding the Right Shelf

Finding the Right Shelf

"Strokes on strokes"

1 of 1 original painting by Joshua Davis, capturing the connection between 7 + 8 at Tobacco Road.

40x30" size
Oil on canvas
Custom built natural wood floating frame

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About the Painting:  

Finding the Right Shelf was painted by our homie Joshua Davis, a Raleigh-based art teacher who is almost as addicted to creating as he is teeing it:

"Tobacco Road is like Blink 182. Hear me out….

The first time I heard Blink 182, I loved it. A much older skateboard friend played a song called “Dammit”  for me and I knew it was cool. The best part was that I knew this cool thing and not everyone else did. I could enjoy it, act all pretentious about knowing it, and share it with people who I thought might “get it”.

Then it happened, as it does to many great things, it went mainstream. It caught on and the cool little secret was out there. Sometimes that is the downfall of the cool thing. The hip kids cry how cool they used to be, and the money and fame change the chemistry and coolness of the band. NOT for Blink 182. They were still sick! Like 3 or 4 more great albums sick! They were cool enough to be on TRL (you’re gonna have to be in your 30s to get that one...) and still be really cool! Anywho, I really liked Blink 182 before everyone knew them and I still really liked them after everyone knew them.

That is Tobacco Road for me. It was my favorite course as soon as the first time I played it in 2014 with my older brother. I had only been playing golf with any regularity for like 2 years at that point, and TR was the “nicest” course I had ever been to. It was wild. Like, an amusement park for golfers wild. We had an absolute blast! Then I sort of realized that not everyone knew about this place. I mean, some people knew, the way that some people knew how great the album “Dude Ranch” was. It had a good little following and some recognition, but it was still just a step off the mainstream path from its neighbors down in Pinehurst.

Well, in recent years I have seen a big uptick in golf media coverage of that place, and my first thought was akin to the pretentious hip kid’s reaction to the band on the radio… And that is embarrassing to admit. But here is the thing, the course hasn’t changed. In fact, the conditioning seems to have improved each time I play there. The people haven’t changed, they are still some of the raddest folks in golf. My desire to cut the corner over the trees on 13 will never change even as I lose more and more yards from the driver. Because at TR, you go for it, and that won't change in my mind and neither will the fact that the place is the coolest, even if they are on the radio.

I’m in the process of painting all of the par 3s from there while I dream about making an ace and etching my name into the 'Road of Fame'."



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