Ballybunion's 11th
Ballybunion's 11th
Ballybunion's 11th

Ballybunion's 11th

"Strokes on strokes"

1 of 1 original painting by Joshua Davis, depicting the magic + beauty that is Ballybunion.

18x24" size
Oil on canvas
Custom built natural wood floating frame

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About the Painting:  

Ballybunion's 11th was painted by our homie Joshua Davis, a Raleigh-based art teacher who is almost as addicted to creating as he is teeing it.

"Ballybunion is the first course I’d played where any idea of course architecture started to click in my brain and influence the way I approached a golf hole. A ton of research prior to my trip and being somewhat in control of my golf ball helped me to have my eyes open for what I would see that day. The 11th was my favorite and, apparently, was Tom Watson’s too.  Some of my best shots of the day resulted in a tough 2 putt par from off the front of the green. As I walked up the hill to the next tee, I looked back and questioned both club selections I’d made. I immediately wanted to play it again, but losing focus on what’s in front of you will get you playing out of the thick stuff left of a dune beside 12 green if you aren’t careful. Ask me how I know. I really wanted to make an honest painting of an enlightening course I was lucky enough to play. This place changed the way I thought about golf. 

I modeled the composition after Rothko’s color field abstractions. Like my walk at Ballybunion, my first exposure to Rothko was illuminating. It was the first time I’d stood in front of an abstract and felt the weight of the artist in front of me. It’s all in front of you, but the longer you look, the more you see and feel. It’s truth."



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