The Approach
The Approach

The Approach

"Strokes on strokes"

1 of 1 original painting by Joshua Davis, depicting the magic + beauty that is Tobacco Road.

24x18" size
Acrylic, latex, and ink on canvas
Handcrafted natural frame

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About the Painting:  

The Approach was painted by our homie Joshua Davis, a Raleigh-based art teacher who is almost as addicted to creating as he is teeing it.

"The chaos of Tobacco Road is magnetic. From the first time I drove in a few years ago, through today, I feel drawn towards this place that captures the spirit of the game I want to play like no other. I think about it often. You leave the first green, after hopefully making two field goals between the strategically placed dunes and you wonder how it could get crazier. The volume of the place is turned up quickly, and if you blink you might miss the magic of the 2nd. You stare down a forced carry that you soon realize is not the real challenge that Strantz has put before you. Driver could set you up with a downhill lie looking into a sliver of a trap that begs you to get cute. Laying back asks you to hit a precise short iron into a shallow green that, if not struck well, could land in a native area that I imagine is home to all sorts of slithery scaley beings that I want no part of. What was once considered easy quickly becomes chaos if you allow your brain to consider the possibilities. That is Strantz’s magic, isn’t it? With the first aerial abstract I made in this series, I tried to summon the spirit of a true artist who asked us simple questions while showing us the complicated paths we could take in efforts to arrive at our own solutions. I look at the splatters and dashes of color on this canvas the same way I look at my club selections and shot choices on this hole. It’s chaos but I wouldn’t want it any other way."



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